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About Us

The Montessori Partnership was set up in 1997 by Helen Prochazka and Helen Wheatley, well known and internationally respected Montessorians with considerable experience teaching children and adults of all ages, both in Montessori schools and in non-Montessori education.
Their aim was to fill a gap in the provision existing at that time for training Montessori teachers by offering more flexible and personalised training that would be of high quality, yet still remain true to the principles and ethos laid down by Maria Montessori herself.

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Although Helen Wheatley retired from active partnership in 2004, she brings her great expertise to the work of  the Assessment Board. From 2004 to April 2014 the organisation was owned and run by the Director, Helen Prochazka, but it  reverted once again to being a partnership  when Helen invited her daughter Miranda Robarts-Arnold to become her partner. Helen and Miranda work in association with a group of experienced, independent Montessori tutors and trainers to deliver flexible, but high quality Montessori teacher education.   

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Why is the organisation called a partnership?

In originally establishing the organisation as a partnership the two Helens felt that the name was particularly appropriate because it reflected the modern relationship between a training provider/awarding body and its adult learners. Students learn best and most effectively when they are working in partnership with their tutors towards achieving their goal of gaining a recognised and respected qualification.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The aims of the Montessori Partnership

We believe that the task of the Montessori Partnership is to ensure that each of our students fully understands and can implement the Montessori philosophy, which will equip them to manage a successful and stimulating Montessori class. With this in mind we aim to provide our students with the opportunities and resources they need to gain the necessary understanding, knowledge and practical experience to pursue a career as a Montessori teacher.
Our students learn the skills needed to help children develop into independent individuals with strong self-esteem. Our courses explore Montessori's thinking within the context of contemporary understanding of working with the relevant age group, and theoretical study is consolidated by directed observations of children and practical experience.                                                                                                                                             


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