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Each summer we offer an Intensive Summer Course in Montessori Classroom Practice. This course also forms the workshop component for our Level 4 Diploma course. This unique course is an excellent stand-alone introduction to Montessori for untrained practitioners working in a Montessori environment who need an intensive orientation to Montessori classroom practice.


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Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

The workshop will be held at: Montessori Arts School, Liberton Brae, Edinburgh, EH16 6AE

The workshop will run from Monday 31 July to Friday 11 August. (Mon-Fri)

Level 4 Students: There will be practical exams on Saturday 12 August.



CPD attendees: £1155.00

Level 4 Students on PAYG per Unit: £1155.00 + Exam Fees (see below)

Level 4 Students enrolled after October 2015: The workshop + exam fees are included in your full course fees.


All registered students will sit the practical examination; any students who plan to have completed, or to be very close to completing their theory units will be eligible to sit the final written examinations.

Helen Prochazka will be the workshop tutor. The workshop will cover all materials necessary for working in a Montessori Children's House class (ages 3-6).


Level 4 Students: There will be practical exams on Saturday 12 August.

Level 4 students: You will need to bring any materials that you have made as part of your course with you to the workshop so that these can be assessed. You are also advised to bring your course materials with you and to come equipped with any stationery you may need, including a ruler, coloured pencils and scissors.

Students generally find the workshop a very intense and wholly absorbing experience, and more than one student over the years has announced, 'This has changed my life!'

Level 4 Students: If you have not yet completed the practical component of your course, aim to join us in Edinburgh. It doesn't matter how far you have progressed with your units and segments because all students attending the workshop take the practical exam, but if you are getting close to the end, an extra spurt of energy before the workshop will qualify you to sit the written exams at the same time, which makes everything easier, and more economical.


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If you are a student who is PAYG per unit then you need to pay in full by following the link above.                                                                                                       

Level 4 Students: the exam fee, practical and written together, is £318.00, but if you're only taking the practical the fee will be £162.00. You must pay your examination fees before sitting any examinations. 

If you are a Level 4 student who has enrolled after October 2015, and has either paid for your course in full or is on the subscription plan please enrol below. Your workshop fee and exam fees are included in your course fees.

Level 4 students enrol here 

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